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The OneStop Plus™ system is designed to protect open circuit pipes from scaling. It can be installed as a Point of Entry device, for both cold and hot water, or directly before the apparatus that needs to receive treated water (sauna, dishwashers, washing machine etc.)

OneStop Plus™ avoids scale by interacting with athe scale molecules, turning them into harmless crystals (TAC system). These crystals are now suspended in the water but do not attach to surfaces and are simply washed away. In this way the scaling on the surfaces and in the pipes is dramatically reduced. OneStop Plus™ in not a softener, it is a water conditioner. The water treated by OneStop Plus™ keeps the original healthful minerals while solving the scaling problems.

Working Principle

The OneStop Plus™ media attracts dissolved calcium carbonate (CaCO³) scale molecules into "Templates" on the media.

The calcium carbonate (CaCO³) scale molecules grow into microscopic crystals.

The crystals detach when they are too large to be held by the OneStop Plus™ media. These harmless crystals effectively isolate the calcium carbonate (CaCO³) scale molecules from the water and anything the water comes in contact with.


Retains Essential Minerals
  • Converts the limescale into harmless crystals
  • Reduces existing limescale deposits
  • Prevents scaling without using chemicals
  • For drinking water

Environmentally Friendly
  • No water waste from backwashing
  • No regeneration
  • No Salt required
  • Increases the efficiency of boilers and all other equipment in contact with the treated water

Reduces Heay Metals
  • Reduces copper, lead, mercury, zinc and cadmium levels

Long Life Cartridge
  • 12 or 24 month duration before cartridge needs changing
  • Will work on most municipal water supplies
  • Heating systems
  • Washing Machines
  • Laundries
  • Baths
  • Showers
Food and Beverage
  • Hot drinks machines
  • Steam water heaters
  • Steam systems
  • Espresso coffee machines
  • Perfect with liquid circuit
  • Cooling systems
Business / Industrial
  • Car wash
  • Hotel
  • Cooling systems and evaporation systems
  • Boilers