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Compact kit and compact siro-spinning are of four-roller device designed for modification on existing traditional ring frames. Enjoying prefect structure,good workmanship,its preformance is well accepted ever since its entry the market.

Structure Characteristics

  • Four-roller system,apron lattics are of positive drive.
  • Negative pressure system adopt main blower with general air duct and filter net to avoild dirtying workshop.
  • Modular design,6 spindles or 4 spindles in one unit.
  • Well-designed negative pressure distribution ensures consistency of airflow at each suction nozzle.
  • The suction nozzle of suction pipe is of optimization design for integrating the strand of fiber easily.
  • Inverter is available for controlling the negative pressure of compat spinning for different yarn count.
  • Smoothly moving of the yarn is guaranteed by tension device of the apron lattice.
  • Installation of flute pipe is reasonable,parts concerned can be cleaned dynamically.


  • Reduce yarn hairiness,over 60% hairiness 3mm long or above will be reduced.
  • When compared with traditional ring spinning under the same processing requirement,the tenacity of compact yarn is 5% to 15% higher commom yarn.
  • Decrease the count variation of yarn(CV%).
  • Increase the fiber’s availability factor.
  • When producing yarn of same tenacity,compact spinning has higher production efficiency than traditional ring spinning.
  • Improve working conditions,reduce flyings in workshop.
  • Increase production efficiency of weaving equipment.
  • The fabric look smooth and has high abrasion resistance.

Wool spinning field
Compact spinning assembly also can be applied for worsted and semi worsted spinning to improve the yarn quality and increase the benefit.It’s a rare perfect solution for producing high quality single yarn fabric.As when using compact device,less work is left for burling thus can increase the weaving efficiency.

Compact device can be applided on all kinds of ring frames for modification.Compact device and negative pressure distribution system is added on drafting section.After modification,the front roller and the compact delivery roller is integrated roller into one unit for easy mount/dismount and maintenance.

Detailed specifications and configuration subject to actual requirement and proposal