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DW-21 is very easy and very accurate single sheet iron loss tester. It has given two way measurement capabilities. one is by weight method and other is by thickness method. All parameters are digitally programmable using keypad. Separate setting keys are given for three standard induction input. User can test the specimen from 35Hz to 125Hz. All parameter of source and measure are controlled by micro controller so it gives best in class accuracy of Watt/kg measurement.

DW-21 can be expressed as economic alternate of Epstein Tester. It is based on single strip testing method so it's measurement accuracy is near to standard epstein test method.


  • Better accuracy than ever
  • Microcontroller based design
  • Pure sinusoidal source and measure
  • Long terms stability and accuracy maintain
  • Password protected calibration
  • 24 feather touch Keys for easy operation
  • Digital setting for all data (Hz,B,Th,Dn etc.)
  • Direct key to enter three usual induction
  • 20 x 4 character LCD display
  • Direct readings of W/Kg & W/lb
  • Connector type low loss probe
  • Three mode for easy & accurate operation
  • Last setting save in nonvolatile memory
  • Standard & big size of sample possible to test
  • Self demagnetizing process
  • User-friendly operation & portable size

Operation Theory
DW-21 is provided with a stroboscopic probe when placed on specimen, closes the magnetic path between probe and specimen. Probe has two coils one is primary and second is secondary (like transformer). When power applied to primary coil and detected by secondary coil appropriate to specimen data and measure voltage, current and power. Then measured data calculated by microcontroller appropriate to specimen's data (core area and weight) and directly displayed on LCD Watt/Kg and Watt/lb.

Scope of Measurements

  • Iron Loss Watt per Kg
  • Iron Loss Watt per pound

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