Custom Bg

EP-350 is designed to measure AC magnetic properties of flat rolled magnetic materials at high frequency by using Wattmeter, Ammeter, Voltmeter and Source. Epstein bridge test method is a fundamental method for evaluating the magnetic performance of flat-rolled magnetic materials in either sheared or stress relief annealed condition. This test method is suitable for design, specification acceptance, service evaluation, and research and development.

EP-350 has digital controlled crystal accurate 16 Bit sine wave Generator, which provides 25 Hz to 450 Hz harmonics free non distorted power for testing of specimen. It has in built measuring meter, like Flux Voltmeter, RMS Voltmeter, RMS Ammeter, Peak Ammeter, Wattmeter and Power Factor meter with digital sampling method. These measuring devices are (temper proof) precisely calibrated to achieve high accuracy and long term stability. Accuracy and stability of EP-350 is better than specified in national and international standards. (Reference to ASTM: 343, IEC: 60404-2, BIS: 649)


  • Basic 0.1% Accuracy FSD
  • Fully automatic testing by software
  • Temper proof calibration
  • Long terms stability
  • Feather touch 24 Key
  • 20 x 4 line LCD Display
  • USB port to connect Software
  • 25 Hz to 450 Hz Source
  • 128 VA Source capacity
  • Auto protection
  • 700 Turns Standard Bridge
  • Portable size
  • Aluminum body

Quality Measurements of Flat Rolled Electrical Steel Sheet

Scope of Measurements

  • Iron Loss Watt per Kg
  • Iron Loss Watt per pound
  • Ampere Turns per Meter
  • Permeability
  • B/H Curve (with Software)

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