Custom Bg

Product use

Used for slivering project of wool spinning & hemp spinning,the function of this machine is to conduct the combining,carding and drafting of the preliminarily carded wool and hemp slivers to eliminate the impurities in the wool and hemp slivers. With the wool and hemp particles separated from the short fiber,worsted tops with straightened and parallel fibers are turned out.

Product charzcteristic

Sliver Can Feeding:The sliver can's specification is Φ700*1000 mm.The wool and hemp slivers go into the table-board by means of the guide roller and the press roller so that the wool and hemp slivers are arranged neatly and no unexpected drafting will occur,and wool and hemp slices of uniform thickness are formed.In accordance with the required length,the wool and hemp slices are conveyed into the box.
Carding Mechanism
The carding mechanism consists of the feeding box,the straightening plate,the pliers plate,the bundling device,the circular comb,thetop comb,etc.
The feeding box is equipped with nine rows of round needle fallers,among which are two rows of 5-needle/10mm fallers,three rows of 6-needle/10mm fallers and four rows of 7-needle/10mm fallers.
The needle-occupied area of the circular comb accounts for 202 degrees of the whole circumference. The front fallers mounted with 6 saw-tooth metal needle bars of different needle densities;while the rear faller is mounted with 5 aw-tooth metal needle bars of different needle densities.(Depending on different fibers and varieties,adjustment can be made in deciding on needle bars of different needle densities.
Cleaning Mechanism
The cleaning mechanism mainly consists of the round brush,the doffer,the stripping comb,the air suction device,etc.
Pulling Mechanism
The separating & pulling mechanism mainly involves the jacquard batten differential action,the cradle,the drawing off roller,etc.The drawing off roller weighting is realized by means of adjustable lever weighting device. The drawing off roller has automatic stopping device for wool and hemp entanglement. The back and forth movement of the cradle is completed by the cam via the adjustable connecting bar.
Bobbin Forming Mechanism
The bobbin forming mechanism consists of the gear reduction motor,the electromagnetic clutch,the output sliver crimp box,the can coiler,the coiler chassis,etc.
Frequency conversion is adopted for adjusting the tension of the output sliver,and there is automatic stopping device for the output sliver breakage and for the bobbin fullness.