Custom Bg


  • Nominal reed width: 1500�?700�?900�?100�?300�?800mm
  • Max. Speed: insertion rate 1500m/min, real speed is according to the reed width and the types of fabric.
  • Weft yarn count range: Spun yarns-7 to 60tex(80 to 20Ne)
  • filament yarns-5 to 44tex(45 to 400den)
  • Main drive: High torque AC motion drivers loom directly, forward and reverse slow motion.
  • Shedding: negative cam motion(for up to 8 shafts) positive cam motion(for up to 8 shafts) crank shedding motion(for up to 6 shafts) mechanical dobby(for up to 16 shafts) electronic dobby(for up to 16 shafts)
  • Beat-up: Both side four-bar linkage crank shafts drive.
  • Let-off: Electronic let-off motion, warp tension is detected by a sensor, the feed of warp is automatically controlled, warp beam flange dia. 800mm, 930mm, 1000mm.
  • Take-up: Mechanical cloth take-up, pcik density from 12 to 95 picks/cm, the max. winding dia. of produced cloth is 600mm. (For crank shedding motion the 520mm). electronic take-up motion.
  • Warp stop: Electrical warp stop device with 6 bars.
  • Weft stop: Double weft detector weft stop device.
  • Weft feed: Single, 2 colour at will, 4 colours at will, 6 colours at will.