Custom Bg

We Offer "On load Single Handle Changeover Switch".

Type CSH:-

  • 32A to 800A
  • Compact Design help to save panel space
  • Switches Conform to IS13947/1EC 60947
  • Available in open Execution as well as in sheet Enclosure with/without.
  • HRC Fuses
  • Fool Proof, easy to operate design
  • high thermal Capability

Changeover Switches are widelyused to Switch over from electricitysupply to stand-by supply, henceensuring power continuity. Due toits application, reliability is the mostimportant factor. ChangeoverSwitch has to operate when it isr e qui r ed mo s t ! A r e l i a b l echangeover swi tch can saveotherwise probable process losses.Elcon Changeover switches meetthis criteria perfectly and is provenover decades.