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PA-600 is equipped with 16 bit microcontroller and 16bit Analog to digital converter and hence, performs accurate measurement & calculation of V, A, P, PF, CF, FF, S, Q with basic ± 0.1% Accuracy at any load and signals of frequencies from 30 Hz to 800 Hz.

PA-600 is also enhanced by computer interface with free demo software viz. "DATA TRANSFER TOOL". The software is capable to collect basic data in real time and create report in Ms Excel sheet.

PA-600 is having four 10 Volt DC channel for interfacing of various types of Transducer for measurement of Temperature , Torque, RPM, Pressure, Flow etc.


  • 6V-600V True RMS
  • 8mA-80A True RMS
  • 30Hz to 800 Hz
  • Four 10V DC channel
  • RPM interface
  • Memory-500 Test
  • USB / RS-232 interface
  • Two display
  • Tamper proof calibration
  • Portable size
  • User friendly operation
  • Software for computer
  • Save test results by software

Scope of Measurement
  • Voltage
  • Current
  • Power
  • Power Factor
  • Frequency
  • Apparent Power
  • Reactive Power
  • Crest Factor
  • Form Factor
  • Trms/ Avg./ Mean/peak value

  • PA-600 = RANGE : 600V / 80A
  • PA-140 = RANGE : 140V / 5A
  • Slip RPM optional
  • RPM Proximity Switch optional

No load & Full load loss measurement of distribution & Power transformer. Motor Efficiency Test

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